I have attended several courses at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) as CPD and found the teaching and support to be first class. The Motivational Interviewing and Behavioural Change courses led by Natascha Van Zyl are superb.  I always come away from the courses feeling inspired with valuable tools and techniques.  Practical, well-planned and interactive, Natascha’s “easy to grasp” presentation skills, grounded in topical research make her courses an absolute delight.  Useful both personally and professionally, the timeless skills acquired on the Motivational Interviewing and Behavioural Change courses such as asking evocative questions are timeless and have been useful in every area of life.”

KR Public relations expert, UK

I have had the pleasure of being treated by Natascha for several years. Her approach cannot be easily categorized as she is one of the few practitioners able to treat holistically, addressing both the mind and body. I have no hesitation in recommending her therapy to anyone.

M. Pearson, London UK.
Managing Director

The best quality that Tasch has is her realistic grip of life, so many times I have been to see people and they have advised me to introduce new regimes which simply do not fit into a real life! She has the patience of a saint and treats your worries and stresses with the respect you feel they should have. She never makes you feel silly and I always leave her with a smile. Tasch emits confidence which is purely down to the fact that she does know what she is doing. You wont find a better service

K Rosenberg-Steel , London UK.

Tasch helped my through a very tough time in my life and I'm not sure I would have got through it without her support. Every time she counseled me, I thought I was just going on, moaning all the time but she listened and put things in perspective. She has an amazing way of making me feel relaxed. I look forward to using some of her other therapies. Thanks for all your help Tasch.

L. Deakin , London UK

Natascha's treatments have been instrumental in getting me back to health. I do not know what I would do without her. She is truly caring and very professional. She is able to pinpoint a problem with incredible accuracy and her treatments work!

M. Beach, London UK.

I have found Natascha reliable, enthusiastic, professional and very confident with her work. She is a wonderful example and inspiration of what the youth today are capable of achieving in serving their fellow human beings

M.Urmson, Johannesburg South Africa.
Complementary Health Professional

Natascha Van Zyl is a practicing Complementary Medicine Consultant, whom I have known since 1998. She is extremely capable and competent in her fields of therapy and I have made use of her services both personally and professionally by way of referral of patients to her.

Dr. D Pillay, Johannesburg South Africa.

Natascha has treated me for pain in my neck, shoulder, back, and leg caused by pinching of the relative nerves in these areas. The nerve damage was caused by an accident i.e. falling off a ladder. Natascha has treated me since 1996 - on a regular basis and has given me great relief from the pain that I constantly suffer. I find her approach to be very professional and would recommend her to anyone suffering from similar problems to mine.

H.P.Steyn, Johannesburg South Africa.
Company Secretary

I am a diabetic and had terrible problems with my bowel for many years. Natascha suggested I have a blood test to check for wheat intolerance. She was right! She treated me using Naturopathy and provided me with a gluten-free eating plan, suited to my individual needs, highlighting a range of alternatives that I could include into my diet. It was easy to follow and her guidance and her treatments helped me regain my health. She is an outstanding therapist!

E. de Vries, Johannesburg South Africa.

I would always recommend Natascha. Her medical knowledge is excellent and she has sorted out my back, neck and shoulders several times! She is a therapist who genuinely cares about her clients and who makes it her personal undertaking to look at the best way to promote her clients' health.

L. Brownlee, Sunbury on Thames.

I had a series of treatments with Natascha, to help me relax my shoulder due to stress. The treatments were absolutely relaxing and enjoyable and did help to ease off the pain. Furthermore, Natascha is a wonderful, warm, friendly and caring person, so sessions were absolute fun and a pleasure. Natascha's hands are magical. I enjoyed the various methods and treatments, the various fragrant oils and her ability to intuitively focus on a specific area when required, as Natascha is very flexible, attentive and open. I therefore highly recommend Natascha, she is a committed person who genuinely care for the people she treats.

S. Webster, Chertsey, Surrey.

Tasch has been one of my college teachers for nearly two years now. Her time, patience and care has led me to develop as a mature student. Tasch has a fun outlook on life, which is transported to those around her. One of Tasch's most endearing skills is her good communication. Tasch has the ability to make others feel at ease and she will deal with any issues in a relaxed and friendly manner.

J. Chace, London

When I came to Tasch with my problems, she was able to calm me and comfort me, and suggested an action plan for treatment that was ideally suited to my chaotic life. I felt her consult was thorough as she empathised with me. Tasch is able to offer a wide range therapies combined into a plan that that is very easy to follow.

S.Khatun, London.