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Psycho-Dynamic Massage

Psycho-Dynamic Massage is a powerful and unique treatment, combining specialised massage techniques and counselling. It is concerned with the integration of mind and body. It involves a broad range of techniques that is believed to work not only at the physical level but also at the more subtle level of energy flow within the body. In health, there is a free flow of energy throughout the body and the system is balanced. But when the system becomes unbalanced blockages can occur in the energy flow – that may lead to physical symptoms and ill health.

Psycho-Dynamic massage may help to dissolve these blockages of accumulated tension and bring the body’s systems back into balance, leading to improved health and well-being. It may also help to relieve chronic symptoms such as headaches, tension, pain, digestive problems and insomnia. This treatment is for individuals who want to deepen their self-understanding, or suffer from negative mental states and body symptoms that interrupt their capacity for joy and pleasure and the full participation in life.

Some problems that are psychological in nature can manifest within the body. For example, conditions such as stress may manifest as hypertension and anxiety or panic attacks. A low self esteem may manifest as eating disorders or sexual difficulties. Less obvious problems rooted physically and / or emotionally may manifest as feelings of being trapped or overwhelmed, numb or in physical pain. Often there is some sense of being out of control.

Psycho-Dynamic massage may help address the split between body and mind by alleviating trapped emotional energy and providing the capacity for powerful change, thus restoring a more natural freedom of movement.

After a treatment clients describe sensations of peace and lightness.