Psycho-Dynamic Massage

Psycho-Dynamic Massage is a powerful treatment combining specialised massage techniques and counselling. It is concerned with the integration of mind and body. This treatment is for individuals who want to deepen their self-understanding or suffer from negative mental states and body symptoms, which interrupt their capacity for joy and full participation in all aspects of life.

  • Addressing physical problems with psychological origins

Some problems that are psychological in nature can manifest within the body. For example, conditions such as stress may manifest as hypertension or panic attacks. Less obvious problems rooted physically and/or emotionally may manifest as feelings of overwhelm, numbness or physical pain. Often there is some sense of being out of control.

  • Integrating body and mind

Psycho-Dynamic massage may help address the integration between body and mind by alleviating physical pain and providing the capacity for powerful behavioural change. After a treatment clients describe sensations of lightness and clarity.

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